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Last updated: 31.08.2023


Statistical collection “Energy of Azerbaijan” contains national energy balance, commodity balance of energy products and other necessary information on energy statistics for 2007-2021 years. Collection consists of 5 sections: 1st section covers main indicators of energy enterprises’ activities, energy consumption and share of electricity in energy consumption, energy capacity, energy efficiency in the industrial sectors, 2nd section – energy balance and distribution of balance by sectors, 3rd section - commodity balances of energy products, 4th section - consumption of energy products by types of economic activity, 5th section - output of crude oil and natural gas, power of electric stations, tables on air pollution by enterprises operated in different branches of economy.
The current energy balance is based on requirements of “International Recommendations on Energy Statistics” that was prepared by International Energy Agency, Eurostat and other international organizations and 21 countries, including Oslo Group, where Azerbaijan is one of the members and adopted on February 2011 at the 42nd session of the UN Statistical Commission.
Brief methodological instructions on compilation of energy balance are included.
In order to facilitate finding of indicators and “conversion rate” the list of indicators in alphabetical order is included at the end of the collection.
In cases of using statistics in publications and printing works, it should be referred to the State Statistical Committee of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Conventional signs:
« - » not applicable
« ... » data not available
« 0.0 » data characterized by the least number

In some cases discrepancy between total and the summed is explained by rounding.