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Last updated: 16.08.2023


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Statistical yearbook “Transport in Azerbaijan” covers statistical information on main indicators characterizing the country transport situation during last years. Transport infrastructure, development dynamics and information of some world countries in this field for comparison are included in this yearbook. The yearbook also reflects volume of transported cargo by separate types of transport means, cargo turnover, passenger conveyance, passenger turnover, income from transport activity and expenditures on transportation, investment directed to transport, fixed assets submitted for use, number of employees in transport enterprises and their nominal average monthly wage, other information characterizing situation of separate types of transport, as well as information on operation of motor transport by the country regions.
Methodological explanations on statistical indicators and their formation are shortly given after tables. The yearbook has been prepared in two languages – Azerbaijan and English and the tables were correspondingly compiled in series. We would like to appreciate in advance for the comments and suggestions with yearbook.

Conventional symbols:
« - » not applicable;
« 0 » negligible magnitude
« ... » data are missing (not presented);

Note: In individual cases negligible discrepancies between totals and sum are due to rounding figures.