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Last updated: 01.12.2023

System of national accounts and balance of payments

System of national accounts is the bilateral indicators system reflecting macroeconomic processes and having mutual relation to each others in the condition of market economy and applied in more than 150 countries.
Methodological bases of this system are closely related with methodological bases of payment and interfiled balances.
Application of this system in Azerbaijan is realized based on methodical instructions prepared on the problems of the system of national accounts by international statistical organizations and calculations' results are periodically expertized by Economic Cooperation and Development Organization, International Monetary Fund and other international organizations functioning in the field of statistics.
System of National Accounts (SNA) groups the production, primary and secondary distribution and final use processes in separate mutually related calculations (branches and institutional divisions).
The following calculations are included in SNA:
- Products and services account; - Production account; - Primary incomes generation account; - Primary incomes distribution account; - Secondary distribution of income account; - Use of disposable income account; - Capital transactions account.
In the system of national accounts the economic units with the same functions and financing sources are grouped by the following sections:
- Non-financial corporations sector; - Financial corporations sector; - General government sector; - Non-profit institutions served for households sector; - Households sector.
In SNA there are also the «Rest of the world» sector reflecting relations of these sections with other foreign countries' residents, and account with the same title. This sector (account) groups the results of economic operations carried out by non-resident units with the country residents.