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Last updated: 03.10.2022


Sections characterizes demographic processes in the country and reflects on administrative-territorial division, population size and composition, general indicators of population reproduction, birth rate, death rate, death rate by causes, marriages and divorces, migration and information related with international comparisons.
The section "Administrative-territorial division, population size and composition" contains information on administrative-territorial division of the regions of Azerbaijan, grouping of urban and rural settlements by size of population, population size, distribution of population by sex and age groups, national composition of population, native language and other languages, literacy rate of the population;
The section "General indicators of population reproduction" contains information about births, deaths and natural growth of population, total fertility rate of urban and rural population, life expectancy at birth, reproduction rate of population;
The section "Birth" covers information on live births by age of mother, number of live births by birth order, number of children born by oficially or not officially married mother by age of mother and birth order, average age of mother at childbirth, and live births by marital status of mothers;
The section "Death" contains information on number of deaths by sex and age groups and urban and rural settlements, death rates, number of death at able-bodied age,maternal mortality, infant mortality and children's death under five years;
The section "Death by causes" includes information on main causes of death among the total population and infant under 1 year and death rates by urban and rural settlements.
The section "Marriages and divorces" includes information on number of marriages and divorces, average age at marriage, divorces by duration of marriages and age of divorced, number of divorces in families having children, marriages by age of the bride and groom, distribution of families by number of family members and number of children;
The section "Migration" covers information Breakdown of persons arriving and departing to Azerbaijan from foreign countries for permanent residency and distribution of migrants by sex and age groups;
The section "Demographic indicators by world countries" contains some demographic indicators by different countries in the world.

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« ... » data not available.
« 0.0 » data characterized by the least number.
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