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In January-April 2024 4,3 percent more gross domestic product was produced in the country.In January-March 2024 average monthly nominal salary in the country made 985,3 manats.In January-April 2024, investments at 5230,4 million manats were directed to fixed assets.In January-February 2024 gross domestic product in amount of 18576,9 million manats was produced.In January 2024 industrial products at 5,2 billion manats were produced.For the state of 1st January of the current year winter crops for grain and green feed were sown in the area of 1025,4 thousand hectare.For the state of December 1, 2023 number of employees engaged in the country economy made 1732,6 thsd. persons.In January-April 2023, retail trade turnover increased by 2.9 percent in real terms.The foreign trade turnover of the country in January-March 2023 made 12269,3 million USD.In January-April 2023 the Republic of Azerbaijan received 522,9 thousand foreigners and stateless persons.50.2% of the total population of the country was women for the beginning of 2023.In January-March 2023, 368.9 thousand foreigners and stateless persons arrived in the Republic of Azerbaijan.In January-February 2023, retail trade turnover increased by 2.8 percent in real terms.In January-February 2023, the consumer price index was 113.9% compared to January-February 2022.50,2 percent of total number of population made up women to the beginning of 2023In 2022 cargo transportation in Azerbaijan side of the Europe-Caucasus-Asia Transport Corridor was 51420,6 thousand ton.Industrial products at 6,5 billion manats were produced in January 2023.
Last updated: 17.05.2024

Price indices

Price - as a main indicator of market is an economical tool influenced to requests and suggestions. As the special factors influenced to the getting of incomes and managing of the efficiency of the production it is the equivalent of changing of goods (services) to money.
Price changes considerably affecting to the economical, social and political processes. For this reason data on prices, their changing and analyze of objective laws have great importance to the consumers and producers as well as to the whole society.
Prices are classified on different signs in the Market Economy condition.

Publication "Prices in Azerbaijan" reflects data on average annual prices of consumer goods and paid services rendered for population, level and dynamics of consumer prices of industrial, agricultural, fishery and forestry products, in consumer market the level and dynamics of transport, post and telecommunication tariffs, construction area, as well as level and dynamics of prices of imported and exported goods, and information on international comparison of consumer price index.

Explanations of symbols:
« - » not applicable;
« * » estimate
« ... » data are missing (not present);
« 0.0 » negligible magnitude