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In January-April 2024 4,3 percent more gross domestic product was produced in the country.In January-March 2024 average monthly nominal salary in the country made 985,3 manats.In January-April 2024, investments at 5230,4 million manats were directed to fixed assets.In January-February 2024 gross domestic product in amount of 18576,9 million manats was produced.In January 2024 industrial products at 5,2 billion manats were produced.For the state of 1st January of the current year winter crops for grain and green feed were sown in the area of 1025,4 thousand hectare.For the state of December 1, 2023 number of employees engaged in the country economy made 1732,6 thsd. persons.In January-April 2023, retail trade turnover increased by 2.9 percent in real terms.The foreign trade turnover of the country in January-March 2023 made 12269,3 million USD.In January-April 2023 the Republic of Azerbaijan received 522,9 thousand foreigners and stateless persons.50.2% of the total population of the country was women for the beginning of 2023.In January-March 2023, 368.9 thousand foreigners and stateless persons arrived in the Republic of Azerbaijan.In January-February 2023, retail trade turnover increased by 2.8 percent in real terms.In January-February 2023, the consumer price index was 113.9% compared to January-February 2022.50,2 percent of total number of population made up women to the beginning of 2023In 2022 cargo transportation in Azerbaijan side of the Europe-Caucasus-Asia Transport Corridor was 51420,6 thousand ton.Industrial products at 6,5 billion manats were produced in January 2023.

State Statistical Committee of Nakhchivan AR, Baku CSO, Regional (City) Statistical Offices

State Statistical Committee of Nakhchivan AR
Chairman: Huseyn Bagirov Faramaz
Telephone: 545-72-07
Fax: 545-72-07
Address: Nakhchivan AR, Nakhchivan city, Nizami street 12

Babak Region Statistical Office
Director: Rashad Farajov Etibar
Telephone: 541-31-90
Address: Nakhchivan AR

Sharur Region Statistical Office
Director: Ramiz Rasulov Maharram
Telephone: 542-24-88
Address: Nakhchivan AR

Ordubad Region Statistical Office
Director: Namig Babayev Nurali
Telephone: 547-01-05
Address: Nakhchivan AR

Julfa Region Statistical Office
Director: Maharram Mammadov Mammad
Telephone: 546-02-64
Address: Nakhchivan AR

Kangarli Region Statistical Office
Director: Tahir Mammadov Salman
Telephone: 548-08-86
Address: Nakhchivan AR

Shahbuz Region Statistical Office
Director: Khalig Abdullazada Nariman
Telephone: 543-00-98
Address: Nakhchivan AR

Sadarak Region Statistical Office
Director: Anar Fatullayev Hüseyn
Telephone: 549-31-34
Address: Nakhchivan AR
Head of Baku City Statistical Office
Cheif: Khosrov Abdulrahmanov Adil
Telephone: 565-42-02
Address: AZ 1118 Baku city,Nizami district,E.Kurchayli str , 2518

Deputy of cheif: Heydar Gafarov Zulmakan
Telephone: 565-42-08
Address: AZ 1118 Baku city,Nizami district,E.Kurchayli str , 2518

Deputy of cheif:
Telephone: 598-40-44
Address: AZ 1118 Baku city,Nizami district,E.Kurchayli str , 2518

Deputy of cheif: Gulnara Nacafova Alakbar
Telephone: 425-12-87
Address: AZ 1118 Baku city,Nizami district,E.Kurchayli str , 2518

Sector of Human Resources, Law and Working with documents
Head of sector: Mahira Azizli Fakhraddin
Telephone: 565-42-05
Address: AZ 1118 Baku city,Nizami district,E.Kurchayli str , 2518

Sector of Finance and General Service
Head of sector: Seadet Maharramova Azad
Telephone: 565-42-03
Address: AZ 1118 Baku city,Nizami district,E.Kurchayli str , 2518

Sector of Enterprise statistics and Data consolidation
Head of sector: Alim Suleymanov Sohbat
Telephone: 498-59-90
Address: AZ 1118 Baku city,Nizami district,E.Kurchayli str , 2518

Sector of Energy, Environment və Agriculture Statistics
Head of sector: Narmin Firuk Novruzova
Telephone: 565-42-11
Address: AZ 1118 Baku city,Nizami district,E.Kurchayli str , 2518

Sector of Industry Statistics
Head of sector: Yusif Maharramov Eldar
Telephone: 565-42-13
Address: AZ 1118 Baku city,Nizami district,E.Kurchayli str , 2518

Sector of Construction Statistics
Head of sector: Chimnaz Garalova Hidayat
Telephone: 425-01-85
Address: AZ 1118 Baku city,Nizami district,E.Kurchayli str , 2518

Sector of Trade Statistics
Head of sector: Sabira Huseynova Salman
Telephone: 498-74-63
Address: AZ 1118 Baku city,Nizami district,E.Kurchayli str , 2518

Sector of Service Statistics
Head of sector: Nigar Maharramli Nadir
Telephone: 594-85-53
Address: AZ 1118 Baku city,Nizami district,E.Kurchayli str , 2518

Sector of Population Statistics
Head of sector: Rena Bagirova Yusif
Telephone: 565-42-07
Address: AZ 1118 Baku city,Nizami district,E.Kurchayli str , 2518

Sector of Social Statistics
Head of sector: Terane Babayeva Huseyn
Telephone: 565-42-09
Address: AZ 1118 Baku city,Nizami district,E.Kurchayli str , 2518

Sector of Labour Statistics
Head of sector: Arzu Yagublu Ali
Telephone: 565-42-17
Address: AZ 1118 Baku city,Nizami district,E.Kurchayli str , 2518

Sector of Quality of Life Statistics
Head of sector: Javadova İlaha İslam
Telephone: 565-42-16
Address: AZ 1118 Baku city,Nizami district,E.Kurchayli str , 2518

Sector of Price Statistics
Head of sector: Mammadova Shahla Misir
Telephone: 565-73-30
Address: AZ 1118 Baku city,Nizami district,E.Kurchayli str , 2518
Ganja City Statistical Office
Elshan Mammadov Mirza
Telephone: (022) 264-02-82,   585-25-34
Address: AZ 2024 Ganja city, 28 may street, 48

Mingachevir City Statistical Office
Etibar Karimov Suleyman
Telephone: (02427) 5-82-82,   585-01-10
Address: AZ 4500 Mingachevir city, N.Narimanov street 22

Sumgayit City Statistical Office
Shohrat Aliyev Mammadali
Telephone: (018) 642-09-46,    585-12-29
Address: AZ 5008 Sumgayit city, Cherkassi street, 42th block 133

Shirvan City Statistical Office
Rovshan Yolchiyev Aslan
Telephone: (02121) 5-00-93
Address: AZ 1800 Shirvan city, Istiglaliyyat avenue 14

Naftalan City Statistical Office
Elyar Cafarov Izafat
Telephone: (02235) 2-24-02
Address: AZ 4600 Naftalan city, Ş.Gurbanov street 1

Absheron District Statistical Office
Tevekkul Mirzayev Fayaz
Telephone: (012) 342-10-50
Address: AZ 0100 Khirdalan city, H.Aliyev avenue 253

Aghdam District Statistical Office
Khosrov Ismayilov Jafar
Telephone: (02632) 5-03-58,    585-74-04
Address: AZ 0233 Agdam region, Guzanli settlement, H.Aliyev avenue

Aghdash District Statistical Office
Arif Pasha Gurbanov
Telephone: (02023) 5-31-53
Address: AZ 0300 Agdash city, S.Vurgun street 27

Aghjabadi District Statistical Office
Elsevar Ismayilov Khosrov
Telephone: (02127) 5-52-40
Address: AZ 0400 Aghjabadi city, H.Aliyev avenue 233

Aghstafa District Statistical Office
Feiruz Hasanov Vagif
Telephone: (02222) 5-15-84,    585-90-03
Address: AZ 0500 Agstafa city, M.Rasulzade street 10

Aghsu District Statistical Office
Mirali Nagiyev Mahmud
Telephone: (2022)-5-15-00
Address: AZ 0600 Agsu city, U.Hajbayov street 27

Astara District Statistical Office
Vasif Hasanov Yunus
Telephone: (02522) 5-13-23
Address: AZ 0700 Astara city, Azerbaijan street 17

Balakan District Statistical Office
Farhad Khalilov Shaban
Telephone: (02429) 5-15-18
Address: AZ 0800 Balakan city, A.Daanov street 1

Beylagan District Statistical Office
Rovshan Guliyev Allahverdi
Telephone: (02122) 5-29-77
Address: AZ 1200 Beylagan city, M.A.Rasulzade street 108

Barda District Statistical Office
Ceyhun Mustafayev Etibar
Telephone: (02020) 5-40-01,    585-02-11
Address: AZ 0900 Barda city, H.Aliyev avenue 70

Bilasuvar District Statistical Office
Kazim Mansimov Bayramali
Telephone: (02529) 5-00-49
Address: AZ 1300 Bilasuvar city, H.Aliyev street 46

Jabrayil District Statistical Office
Sahib Suleymanov Sovet
Telephone: (012) 541-00-93
Address: AZ 1008 Baku city, Tabriz street 19B

Jalilabad District Statistical Office
Arif Najafov Ahmadxan
Telephone: (2524)-3-27-41
Address: AZ 1500 Jalilabad city, H.Aliyev avenue 386a

Dashkasan District Statistical Office
Khasay Huseynov Mammad
Telephone: (02221) 5-30-54
Address: AZ 1600 Dashkasan city, Nizami street 1

Fuzuli District Statistical Office
Rafig Mastaliyev Duman
Telephone: (02631) 5-57-12
Address: AZ 1900 Horadiz city, Gencler avenue 6

Gadabay District Statistical Office
Namig Davud Rustamov
Telephone: (02232) 4-43-12
Address: AZ 2100 Gadabay city

Goranboy District Statistical Office
Saxavat Qadirov Dilsuz
Telephone: (02224) 2-21-13
Address: AZ 2200 Goranboy city, 15th block

Goychay District Statistical Office
Teymur Shirinov Shirvan
Telephone: (02027) 4-25-60
Address: AZ 2300 Goychay city, Natavan street 133

Goygol District Statistical Office
Ruzigar Hasanov Ziraddin
Telephone: (02220) 5-22-20
Address: AZ 2500 Goygol city, A.Kazimov street

Hajigabul District Statistical Office
Elman Bazmaddin Najafov
Telephone: (02120) 4-33-96
Address: AZ 2400 Hajigabul city, H.Samadov street 10

Khachmaz District Statistical Office
Haydar Hamid Aliyev
Telephone: (02332) 5-33-95
Address: AZ 2700 Khachmaz city, H.Z.Tagiyev street 13

Khizi District Statistical Office
Rovshan Guliyev Nuhulla
Telephone: (02331) 5-01-74,   585-60-21
Address: AZ 8000 Khizi city, H.Aliyev avenue 9

Khojaly District Statistical Office
Dunyamin Asadov Amiraslan
Telephone: (02224) 9-20-40
Address: AZ 2239 Goranboy region, Ashagi Agcakand settlement, Mesheli village

Khojavand District Statistical Office
Farnad Tahirov Tahir
Telephone: (02122) 3-53-68
Address: AZ 2800 Beylagan region, Xojavand settlement

Imishli District Statistical Office
Novruz Hasan Huseynov
Telephone: (02124) 6-60-43
Address: AZ 3000 Imishli city, P.Hasanov street 59

Ismayilli District Statistical Office
Aziz Azizov Garib
Telephone: (2028)-2-33-64
Address: AZ 3100 Ismayilli city, H.Aliyev avenue 18

Kalbajar District Statistical Office
Ramil Salmanov Ikram
Telephone: (022) 258-50-67
Address: AZ 3218 Ganja city, Gulustan settlement

Kurdamir District Statistical Office
Akshin Balayev Ata
Telephone: (02025) 5-05-00    585-06-08
Address: AZ 3300 Kurdamir city, H.Aliyev avenue 20

Gakh District Statistical Office
Khazri Mammadov Mursal
Telephone: (02425) 5-23-57
Address: AZ 3400 Gakh city, H.Aliyev avenue 2 a

Gazakh District Statistical Office
Durdana Rahim Xalilova
Telephone: (02229) 5-35-08
Address: AZ 3500 Gazakh city, S.Vurgun street alley 6/1

Gabala District Statistical Office
Ayaz Isgandarov Sahib
Telephone: (02420) 5-23-92
Address: AZ 3600 Gabala city, Z.Aliyeva street 4

Gobustan District Statistical Office
Shehriyar Gayibov Enver
Telephone: (02024) 5-23-46
Address: AZ 3700 Gobustan city, H.Aliyev avenue

Guba District Statistical Office
Sahib Mammadov Pirnazar
Telephone: (02333) 5-39-68
Address: AZ 4000 Guba city, Y.Gasimov street 68

Gubadli District Statistical Office
Jalal Agayev Mahammad
Telephone: (01864) 2-07-20
Address: AZ 5007 Sumgayit city, S.Vurgun street 138

Gusar District Statistical Office
Abdulkarim Ashurov Shafi
Telephone: (02338) 5-44-91
Address: AZ 3800 Gusar city, H.Aliyev avenue 174a

Lachin District Statistical Office
Alik Agalar Jafarov
Telephone: (02127) 7-82-10
Address: AZ 4100 Agjabadi region, Takhta Korpu settlement

Lerik District Statistical Office
Ramin Huseynaga Shahiyev
Telephone: (02527) 4-52-84
Address: AZ 4300 Lerik city, Sh.Gurbanov street 27a

Lankaran District Statistical Office
Vagif Mustafayev Rais
Telephone: (02525) 5-24-16
Address: AZ 4200 Lankaran city, H.Aliyev avenue 3

Masalli District Statistical Office
Ramin Bagalizada Aziz
Telephone: (02521) 5-62-38
Address: AZ 4400 Masalli city, H.Aslanov street 1

Neftchala District Statistical Office
Shahin Menefov Hacıalı
Telephone: (02126) 3-30-13
Address: AZ 4700 Neftchala city, H.Aliyev avenue 37

Oghuz District Statistical Office
Nazim Kazim Babayev
Telephone: (02421) 5-28-16
Address: AZ 4800 Oguz city, Dede Gorgud street 34

Saatli District Statistical Office
Rovshan Isayev Dadash
Telephone: (02128) 5-22-38
Address: AZ 4900 Saatli city, H.Aliyev avenue 59a

Sabirabad District Statistical Office
Fuad Mammadov Hilal
Telephone: (02123) 5-51-78,    585-42-06
Address: AZ 5400 Sabirabad city, I.Gayibov street 39

Salyan District Statistical Office
Elnur Huseynov Akif
Telephone: (02125) 5-51-37
Address: AZ 5200 Salyan city, H.Aliyev street 98

Samukh District Statistical Office
Elnur Mammadov Askar
Telephone: (02227) 5-12-75,    585-93-00
Address: AZ 5100 Samukh city, H.Aliyev avenue 44

Siyazan District Statistical Office
Kamil Valikhan Khalilov
Telephone: (02330) 3-13-28
Address: AZ 5300 Siyazan city, Shahriyar street 1b

Shabran District Statistical Office
Yusif Musayev Tofig
Telephone: (02335) 3-43-82
Address: AZ 1700 Shabran city, H.Aliyev avenue 86

Shamakhi District Statistical Office
Azar Mammadov Mabud
Telephone: (02026) 5-71-44
Address: AZ 5600 Shamakhi city, M.Gadirli street 78

Shaki District Statistical Office
Qasham Kerimov Shahnar
Telephone: (02424) 4-34-20
Address: AZ 5500 Shaki city, M.A.Rasulzade avenue 139a

Shamkir District Statistical Office
Shikar Hasanov Farhad
Telephone: (02230) 5-30-68
Address: AZ 5700 Shamkir city, Nizami street 83

Shusha District Statistical Office
Anar Khalilov Ahmad
Telephone: (012) 541-08-33
Address: AZ 1008 Baku city, Tabriz street 19b

Tartar District Statistical Office
Adalat Mammadov Allahverdi
Telephone: (02223) 6-14-53
Address: AZ 5900 Tartar city, H.Aliyev avenue

Tovuz District Statistical Office
Niyazi Taghiyev Yusif
Telephone: (02231) 5-39-52
Address: AZ 6000 Tovuz city, M.Zeynalov street 16

Ujar District Statistical Office
Telephone: (02021) 3-00-98
Address: AZ 6100 Ujar city, H.Aliyev street, alley 2, bulding 23 b

Yardimli District Statistical Office
Aydın Agayev Tapdıq
Telephone: (02520) 6-11-26
Address: AZ 6500 Yardimli city, H.Aliyev street 165

Yevlakh District Statistical Office
Saleh Haydar Jafarov
Telephone: (02233) 6-24-80
Address: AZ 6600 Yevlakh city, C.Mustafayev street 57

Zagatala District Statistical Office
Fakhraddin Gurbanov Haji
Telephone: (02422) 5-20-42
Address: AZ 6200 Zagatala city, F.Amirov street 31

Zangilan District Statistical Office
Fuad Shixaliyev Musamaddin
Telephone: (012) 567-40-52
Address: AZ 1008 Baku city, Tabriz street 19a

Zardab District Statistical Office
Goshgar Niftaliyev Etibar
Telephone: (02029) 6-62-51
Address: AZ 6300 Zardab city, Khojaly street 1 A