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In January-May 2024 gross domestic product in amount of 48026,0 million manats was produced in the country.In January-May 2024, investments at 6640,9 million manats were directed to fixed assets.For the state of May 1, 2024 number of employees engaged in the country economy made 1749,7 thsd. persons.In January-April 2024 4,3 percent more gross domestic product was produced in the country.In January-March 2024 average monthly nominal salary in the country made 985,3 manats.In January-April 2024, investments at 5230,4 million manats were directed to fixed assets.In January-February 2024 gross domestic product in amount of 18576,9 million manats was produced.In January 2024 industrial products at 5,2 billion manats were produced.For the state of 1st January of the current year winter crops for grain and green feed were sown in the area of 1025,4 thousand hectare.For the state of December 1, 2023 number of employees engaged in the country economy made 1732,6 thsd. persons.In January-April 2023, retail trade turnover increased by 2.9 percent in real terms.The foreign trade turnover of the country in January-March 2023 made 12269,3 million USD.In January-April 2023 the Republic of Azerbaijan received 522,9 thousand foreigners and stateless persons.50.2% of the total population of the country was women for the beginning of 2023.In January-March 2023, 368.9 thousand foreigners and stateless persons arrived in the Republic of Azerbaijan.In January-February 2023, retail trade turnover increased by 2.8 percent in real terms.In January-February 2023, the consumer price index was 113.9% compared to January-February 2022.50,2 percent of total number of population made up women to the beginning of 2023In 2022 cargo transportation in Azerbaijan side of the Europe-Caucasus-Asia Transport Corridor was 51420,6 thousand ton.Industrial products at 6,5 billion manats were produced in January 2023.

Cases on administrative offences considered in a first instance courts

14.04.2023, 12:00

According to the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Azerbaijan, in 2022, 93,7 thousand cases on administrative offences were considered in the first instance courts, and it is 30,2 percent more than indicator of 2021. 63,2 percent of them were related with the management rules, 5,4 percent - traffic rules, 3,9 percent - property, 3,7 percent - public rules, public safety and public morality, 3,0 percent - illicit trafficking in drugs and psychotropic substances, 2,7 percent - health, 0,9 percent - payment of taxes, dues, the financial and insurance rules, 0,8 percent - economic activity rules, 0,3 percent – custom rules and the rest were related to other administrative fines.

In 2022, administrative liability measures were applied on 54,1 percent of cases, 37,6 percent of proceedings were terminated, 8,3 percent of materials of persons who committed administrative offence were returned for additional inspection in cases or were sent to the relevant authorities.

According to the decisions on application of administrative liability measures, the number of persons brought to responsibility increased by 9,3 percent compared to the previous year and amounted to 50,7 thousand persons. 40,4 percent of persons who brought to administrative responsibility were applied administrative fines, 38,5 percent - restriction of special rights granted to individuals, 18,8 percent - administrative detention, 1,8 percent - social works, and 0,5 percent - other types of punishments.

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