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Waste movement in 2022

20.04.2023, 12:00

In 2022, 3984,1 thousand tons or 5,4% more waste was generated in the country compared to the previous year, 66,7 percent of them were solid domestic waste, 33,3% of them were produced as a result of the production activities of enterprises.

78,3% of 2658,3 thousand tons of solid domestic waste generated last year was transported to landfills for disposal, 21,2% was used for obtaining energy, 0,5% was sold in the country. The use of household waste produced 205,3 million kWh or 6,3% more electricity than in 2021.

28,5% of the waste resources generated in industry and other sectors of the economy were used as raw material in enterprises, 42,7% were sold in the country, 3,8% was exported, 13,8% was transported to landfill for disposal, 11,2% remained in enterprises.

As a result of the production activities of the enterprises, in 2022, 337,1 thousand tons of hazardous waste was generated and their share in the total amount of waste was 8,5%. 63,1% of the waste was generated in mining enterprises, a large part of which was accounted by enterprises located in Baku. Last year 55,0 thousand tons of hazardous waste was completely neutralized, including the remains formed in previous years.

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