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Production of Gross Domestic Product in January-May 2021

10.06.2021, 12:00

In January-May 2021 gross domestic product in amount of 31532,5 million manats or 0,8 percent more compared to the corresponding period of the previous year was produced in the country.

Value added produced in oil-gas sector of the economy decreased by 6,7 percent, while in non-oil and gas sector it increased by 4,5 percent.

41,2 percent of GDP was produced in industry, 10,4 percent trade; vehicle repair areas, 7,5 percent transport and warehouse, 5,3 percent construction, 4,2 percent agriculture, forestry and fishing, 1,9 percent information and communication, 1,0 percent tourists' accommodation and public catering,     18,8 percent other fields, 9,7 percent net taxes on product and import.

GDP per capita had been equal to 3150,6 manats.

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