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Industrial output in January-October 2019

14.11.2019, 12:00

In January-October 2019 industrial products at 38.1 milliard manats or more for 1.4 percent compared to the corresponding period of 2018 were produced by industrial enterprises and individual entrepreneurs operating in this field. Product output of non-oil-gas sector of industry increased by 14.5 percent.

70.3 percent of industrial products were produced in mining sector, 24.9 percent in manufacturing sector, and 4.1 percent in production, distribution and supply of electricity, gas and steam, 0.7 percent in the sector of water supply, waste management and remediation activities.

Oil production in mining sector decreased by 3.3 percent, while marketable gas production increased by 27.8 percent.

Production of wood manufacturing and production of wood products in manufacturing sector increased by 85.3 percent, finished metal products by 83.5 percent, tobacco products by 67.6 percent, beverage by 39.5 percent, computer, electronic and optical products by 37.1 percent, textile industry products by 37.0 percent, installation and maintenance activities of machine and equipment by 30.4 percent, furniture by 29.5 percent, chemical industrial products by 26.5 percent, paper and cardboard by 24.6 percent, polygraphic products by 23.9 percent, rubber and plastic products by 22.7 percent, pharmaceutical products by 20.8 percent, food products by 13.9 percent, production of clothes by 12.0 percent, electrical equipment by 6.8 percent, machine and equipment by 4.5 percent, construction materials by 3.8 percent, while production of oil products decreased by 4.8 percent, other vehicles by 10.8 percent, metallurgical industrial products by 12,6 percent, leather and leather products, shoes by 26,2 percent, automobile, trailers and semi-trailers by 30.7 percent,.

Production volume in the sector of electricity, gas and steam production, distribution and supply increased by 2.4 percent and in the sector of water supply, waste management and remediation activities it increased by 6.4 percent.

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