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Experts of the State Statistical Committee get acquainted with the Korean experience

24.10.2019, 14:04

On 20 October – 02 November 2019, a group of employees of the State Statistical Committee of the Republic of Azerbaijan are participating in a training organized in Korea under the Project of “Strengthening the Statistical Human capacity of the Republic of Azerbaijan”.

The training was organized to increase the capacity of the State Statistical Committee in the field of economic statistics, to improve the knowledge of employees and to share the experience of the Statistics Korea in this direction. The experts of the State Statistical Committee made presentations on "Economic statistics in Azerbaijan" and gave information on system of national accounts, state register of the statistical units, recent achievements of our country in the field of labour, agriculture, industry, construction, trade, price and service statistics and future perspectives.

At the training Korean experts made presentations about their experiences on seasonal adjustments, principles of selective survey on business statistics, use of administrative data, Statistical Information System, Quality Management System, use of SPSS software package and other issues.

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