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Population census data of the State Statistical Committee

16.10.2019, 16:55

The State Statistical Committee informs that according to data of population census assistance commissions established in all regions and cities of the country the next population census conducted in our country is mostly finalized.

For the aim to control census data quality in all regions and cities of the country by the end of the current year the appropriate actions will be implemented, including the process of receiving by instructor-controllers the census materials from enumerators, checking, presenting to census areas’ directors and farther submitting them to Census Group of the State Statistical Committee. After all above indicated processes are finalized these data will be inserted into electronic information system specially created in the State Statistical Committee starting from January, 2020.

For the purpose of elimination of shortages revealed during census quality checking, at the same time involving in census the persons who left behind census for various reasons there have been established operative groups in all regional statistical offices and these groups will provide implementation of relevant actions for each request for the end of the year.

The State Statistical Committee applies again to persons left behind census and asks to contact to “Hot line” acting since October 1, tel: (012) 510-07-89, 539-54-44, 539-80-44.

Additionally we would like to inform that 82.0% of resources envisaged in the state budget of the Republic of Azerbaijan are considered for payment of labour of 42844 persons of census staff, including enumerators, and these resources will be paid to persons through plastic cards by local affiliates of “Kapital Bank” OJSC based on the concluded contract. The rest of resources have been spent for publication of census materials, purchasing of bags and stationeries for census process and etc. according to country population size.    


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