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Retail trade turnover

12.07.2019, 15:45

In January-June 2019 value of goods sold in retail trade network has exceeded the level of the same period of previous year in compared prices for 2.8 percent and equaled to 18.0 milliard manats. 8944.9 million manats of trade turnover made food products, beverages and tobacco products, 9033.0 million manats – non-food products and value of sold products has increased for 2.5 percent and 3.1 percent in real terms compared to January-June 2018 correspondingly.

Product market during the reporting period is characterized as follows:

Products groups Income from sale, in million manat As % to January-June 2018
Retail trade turnover 17 977,9 102,8
food products 8074,5  102,6
beverages and tobacco products   870,4 100,9
textile products, clothes and shoes 3 236,5 103,0
electrical appliances and furniture 1 063,1 102,9
computers, telecommunication equipment and printing products 139,7 104,3
pharmaceutical and medical products 236,7 104,5
motor fuel 990,0 101,8
other non-food products      3 367,0 103,4

In reporting period, 44.9 percent of resources the consumers spent to purchasing of food products for final consumption purposes, 4.9 percent - beverages and tobacco products, 18.0 percent - textile products, clothes and shoes, 5.9 percent - electrical appliances and furniture, 5.5 percent - motor fuel, 1.3 percent - pharmaceutical and medical products, 0.8 percent - computers, telecommunication equipment and printing products and 18.7 percent - other non-food products.

In the first half of 2019, 20.0 percent of consumer goods in real terms have been sold by trade enterprises, 49.0 percent - private entrepreneurs, 31.0 percent were sold in markets and fairs. Retail trade turnover in real terms compared to the same period of 2018 increased by 27.8 percent - for enterprises, by 0.2 percent – for private entrepreneurs, decreased by 5.3 percent - for markets and fairs.

In reporting period, retail trade turnover in average per capita made 303.2 manats or more for 11.5 manats in nominal terms than indicator of the corresponding period of 2018. In the trade network at average monthly per country citizen there have been purchased food products, beverages and tobacco products in amount of 150.9 manats and non-food products in amount of 152.3 manats.

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