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Delegation of the Statistical Committee participates in a study visit in Lisbon

30.05.2019, 15:30

Representatives of the State Statistical Committee of the Republic of Azerbaijan participate in study visit for high-level managers within ongoing Project "EU Support to the State Statistical Committee of the Republic of Azerbaijan to reach European standards" at the Statistics Portugal on 28-31 May, 2019. The main purpose of study visit of delegation led by Mr Yusif Yusifov, Deputy Chairman of the State Statistical Committee is to learn experience of Portugal in developing a statistical program, analyzing the geographical information systems, classifications used in business statistics, statistical business register, conducting sampling surveys, reduction of the burden for respondents, statistical data dissemination and user communication.

During the visit, experts from Portugal made presentations on production process of official statistics, planning of statistical work, developing statistical work programs, short-term and long-term strategies, organization of geographical information system and statistical business register, data dissemination and building relationships with users, strengthening the human capacity, and applying communication technologies on statistical data production process. At the same time, the SSC staff provided Portuguese side with detailed information about organization of official statistics production process, the reforms and projects implemented in this area in recent years.

The State Statistical Committee of the Republic of Azerbaijan and Statistics Portugal discussed the prospects for expanding existing relations and cooperation.

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