Statistical publication “Women and Men in Azerbaijan” was published


Annual statistical publication “Women and Men in Azerbaijan” reflects change in the number of men and women, as well as, key indicators defining social demographic processes in the country in 2013 compared to previous years.
Statistical publication contains “Health”, “Education and academic personnel”, “Employment and unemployment”, “Survey of the economic activity of the population”, “Agriculture, forestry and fishing”, “Welfare and social security”, “Parliament”, “Crimes” and “International comparisons” sections and following indicators were also included in the statistical publication: number of births and deaths, marriages and divorces by sex and age, fertility rate, life expectance at birth, average age at marriage, number of women on marital status and children birth, number of smokers by age groups and other indicators.
E-version of publication data is available in the section "Gender" of web page of the State Statistical Committee and print version via link "Women and Men in Azerbaijan 2014" (2.75 MB).

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