Last updated: 27.07.2016
The foreign trade of Azerbaijan - Statistical issue, prepared by the State Statistical Committee of the Republic of Azerbaijan includes information on trade relations with foreign countries. Indicators for 2011-2015 developed based on ıinformation of the State Customs Committee. At the same time, statistically estimated data of exported crude oil and natural gas with non-complete customs clearance, registered in customs authorities is also included.

Trade in Azerbaijan - The statistical issue reflects the main statistical indicators characterizing development of trade sector in 2011-2015.
The publication has been calculated on the base of information on large, medium and small enterprises having status of legal entity, individual entrepreneur involved in the sample statistical survey and the results of statistical sample observations conducted on trade activity as well as of market and fairs.
Trade statistics section cover main indicators on retail and wholesale trade turnover and stocks. These indicators reflect political divisions of the country, property forms, by goods types, in cash and in kind terms. The publication includes goods types, allowing analysis of real volume changing of trade indicators, physical volume indices calculated by property forms and political divisions.

Conventional signs:
« - » not applicable
« ... » data are missing (not present)
« 0.0 » negligible magnitude
« * » estimate