Information Society
Last updated: 19.10.2016
“National Strategy for 2014-2020 on development of the information society in the Republic of Azerbaijan” has been approved by the Decree of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated 02 April 2014 and the concrete purposes and duties have been determined on development of this area up to 2020.
There have been reflected wide information on ICT systems, availability and use of computers, access to Internet, Internet use, e-skills of population in the households and enterprises, as well as main macro indicators on ICT sector, import and export of ICT products on 2009-2015 in the yearbook. The structure of the yearbook, selection of given data and definition of their units of measure, sequence of indicators and conducting other methodological works have been compiled on the basis of relative methodological facilities of international organizations. Data were more laconic and shorter in the introduction part of publication; in other sections the similar and other data were analyzed and represented in the tables in detailed form.

Footnotes used in yearbook:
« - » no such phenomenon exists;
« ... » no data available;
« 0 » value is negligible.

In some cases, negligible distinction between the total and sum is explained by rounding of figures. The information on territories occupied by Armenia isn’t included; the total population is indicated in assessment of data of the sample survey by country.