Industry of Azerbaijan
Last updated: 26.10.2016

The statistical yearbook “Industry of Azerbaijan” includes main statistical data characterizing industry activity of Azerbaijan Republic in last years. Industry sector consists of “mining industry“, “manufacture industry”, “electricity, gas, and steam production, distribution and supply” and “water supply, waste treatment and disposal”.
The yearbook includes statistical data on position of industry in the economy of country, the number of employees in industry and their average monthly wages, the volume of output, expenditures on the production of commodity, fixed assets, main indicators of industry by regions, output in kind and others main indicators. Moreover, various tables, innovation activity of enterprises, enabling to compare the industry of Azerbaijan industry with CIS countries, were included into the yearbook.
The yearbook has been considered for economists, students, scientific workers and other users.

Conventional signs:
« - » not applicable
« ... » data are missing (not presented)
« 0.0 » negligible magnitude

In individual cases negligible discrepancies between totals and sum of their components are due to rounding figures.