Health, Social Protection, Sport
Last updated: 22.09.2016
The statistical collection contains main indicators reflecting health care, social security and housing condition of the Republic of Azerbaijan, as well as data on population size, birth, death and natural increase.
Health care section reflects data on medicalprophylaxis institutions, morbidity of population by disease groups and distribution of different diseases by localization as well as sanatoriums, boarding houses and rest homes, births, abortions, development of physical training and sport.
Information indicated in tables on disease is based on X Revision of International Classification of Diseases (ICD-X).
Social security section includes data on general and primary disability, activity of boarding houses for elderly people and invalids, occupational injuries, provision with pensions, social benefits, pensions, addressed state social aids for poor families.
Section on housing conditions includes total and floor space of the dwelling stock by the country, number of privatized apartments, improvement of the dwelling stock, number of families improved housing conditions.
Data on housing stock were re-estimated based on 2009 population census
The issued figures are based on offical statistical information of the State Statistical Committee of the Republic of Azerbaijan.
The part of data reflected in this collection is given by economic regions of the country.

Conventional sings:
« - » not applicable;
« ... » data are missing;
« 0,0 » negligible magnitude;
« * » estimate.