Gender Indicators
Last updated: 19.08.2016
The main objectives and tasks envisaged under the policy of equal rights and equal opportunities of women and men in Azerbaijan are:
Protection and reflection of the rights of both sexes in the context of universal human rights, adoption of adequate measures, assisting women and men to use these rights.
Development and improvement of the democratic representation, establishment of the conditions for equal participation of women and men at all levels of administration and decision making.
Establishment of conditions for the development of economic independence of each citizen, contribution for the realization of equal rights of women and men in labour market, in business, in the sphere of finances.

Establishment of the conditions for the use of opportunities to:
- increase life expectancy of women and men;
- reduce infant and maternal mortality;
- improve reproductive health of women and men.
Support to vulnerable population groups and contribution to the solution of their problems (refugees and displaced persons, invalids, single mothers, families whose head of household are women, etc).
Provision of the conditions for equal participation of women and men in the system of education. Adoption of the measures for maintenance of equal access to education and strengthening of the social understanding of the notion of equal significance of education for girls and boys. Development of the education system as a tool for the dissemination of an idea of the equality of sexes in society.
Contribution to harmonization and effective combination of professional activity and family life for women and men as well.

Prevention of violence against women:
- Elimination of domestic violence;
-Addressing the consequences of violence in case of refugees and displaced persons.
Contributing to understanding the necessity of correcting social divisions an disbalances and balances distribution of responsibility between women and men.
The legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan reflects the ideas of equality of women and men in all spheres of life. All these are the bases for development of gender - balanced policy and elimination of gender asymmetries in society.
In 1995 the Republic of Azerbaijan ratified Convention on Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination Against Women, and also other principal international documents on protection human rights.

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