Crimes and offence
Last updated: 15.09.2016
Main indicators characterizing the results of activity of law-enforcement system of the Republic of Azerbaijan in 2015 compared to last years are published in the statistical yearbook.
The yearbook was prepared on the basis of information of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Justice and Prosecution Authorities, the information on fires was prepared on the base of data of the Ministry of Emergency Situations.
The yearbook reflects main demographic indicators, registered crimes by types and fields, persons committed crime by sex and age, convicts, cases of Prosecution Authorities, traffic accidents, fires, and crime in the regions of the Republic of Azerbaijan, as well as some indicators characterizing other information by 2000-2015 years.

Explanations of symbols:
« - » data not available;
« ... » data not processed;
« 0 and/or 0.0 » magnitude not zero, but less than half of unit employed.