Last updated: 02.09.2016
Annual statistical yearbook named “Construction in Azerbaijan” includes indicators characterizing development of the construction in the Republic of Azerbaijan during 2000-2015. The yearbook reflects information on new enterprises and objects of great importance putting into use in the country, volume of total investment, including production objects and objects on service fields, resources directed from the resource of foreign and domestic investments directed to construction activities, investments directed to the oil and non-oil sector and its growth rate, volume of investments directed to the basic capital by foreign countries, volume of investment directed to development of key sectors of economy (industry, agriculture, transport, communication), distribution of domestic and foreign investments by spheres of economy and types of property, as well as dwellings putting into use in the country, including dwellings, hospitals, preschool educational institutions, outpatient clinics, clubs, and other socio-cultural buildings putting into use in the rural and urban places. The yearbook also contains indicators characterizing activities of functioned construction enterprises in the country - volume of realized construction works, number of employees engaged in construction works and average nominal wage of employees, expenditures spent for construction works.
This publication is useful for economists, students, scientists, as well as other users.
In cases of using statistics in publications and printing works, it should be referred to the State Statistical Committee of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Conventional signs:
« - » not applicable
« ... » data are missing (not present)
« * » estimate
« 0.0 » negligible magnitude