Agriculture, forestry and fishing
Last updated: 29.09.2016
Section "agriculture" reflects information on total agricultural products, sowing areas of main agricultural plants, crop production and productivity, number of cattle and poultry, production of main livestock products and etc. Aggregated data by the country are included based on two main categories, such as agricultural enterprises and other organizations, as well as private owners, family-peasant farms and households. The general information on crop and livestock production is indicated by regions.
Besides, this section includes some information on CIS countries.
Section 'forestry, fishery and hunting farms' includes information on the state of forestry, fishery and hunting farms in the country. This section reflects information on land and forest resources and protection, fishing and fish-breeding and fish protection, main economic indicators of hunting farms, as well as information on different animals and birds.
Section "main indicators of agricultural enterprises and private owners' farms" covers main indicators of agricultural enterprises and private owners' farms of different organizational and legal forms. This section prepared based on data of the relative report forms of the agricultural enterprises (joint stock companies, collective and joint enterprises, production cooperatives and etc.) and private owners' farms of different property forms. The section includes information on production price of agricultural products, selling price and labor expenditures, structure of production expenditures, number of agricultural enterprises, average annual number of employees, value of fixed assets, and etc.

Conventional signs:
« - » not applicable
« ... » data are missing (not presented)
« 0.0 » negligible magnitude

In individual cases negligible discrepancies between totals and sum of their components are due to rounding figures.