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Resources directed to fixed assets


1503.3 million manats from all financial sources amounted to 2093.7 million manats allocated to fixed assets for the development of economic and social sectors of the country have been directed to oil sector and 590.4 million manats – non-oil sector; 69.5% of total investments was directly spent for implementation of construction-installation works. 89.2% of allocation was spent to construction of production facilities, 8.1% to the facilities on service fields, 2.7% to the construction of dwelling houses with total area of 209.1 thousand square meters. Volume of allocation directed to fixed assets from domestic funds formed 32.9% of total capital.

Allocations of enterprises and organizations in total value of investments directed to fixed assets made 77.2%, bank credits – 11.4%, budget resources – 8.0%, population own funds – 2.7%, extra-budgetary funds – 0.7%. 

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