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Industrial output in January - October, 2016



Industrial products at 26.0 milliard manats or less than 0.2% compared to the corresponding period of the previous year were produced by industrial enterprises and by natural entities engaged in this sector in January- October, 2016.   

65.8% of industry product was produced in mining sector, 28.2% in processing sector, 5.2% in production, distribution and supply on electricity, gas and steam, 0.8% in the sector of water supply, waste management and remediation activities.

Oil production in mining sector decreased by 0.8% and marketable gas production by 5.0%.

Production of food products in processing sector increased by 3.6%, textile industry products by 2.4 times, production of clothing by 35.3%, production of wood products by 26.6%, production of paper and cardboard by 8.8%, production of printing products by 4.2%, production of ready metal products by 18.8%, computer and electronic products by 14.5%, electrical equipment by 2.7 times, automobile, trailer and semi-trailers by 17.1%, production of furniture by 17.3%, installation and maintenance activities of machine and equipment by 44.9% and production of beverage decreased by 13.6%, tobacco products by 16.4%, leather and leather products and shoes by 63.9%, chemical industrial products by 14.5%, rubber and plastic products by 13.3%, construction materials by 14.5%, production of metallurgical industrial products by 2.2%, machine and equipment by 11.1%.

Production volume in the sector of electricity, gas and steam production, distribution and supply has been decreased by 1.9% and in the sector of water supply, waste management and remediation activities it was decreased by 0.8%.    

Production output in non-oil sector of industry increased by 3.4%, in oil sector by 0.7%.


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