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Foreign trade relations


On January-September, 2016 legal and natural entities of the Republic of Azerbaijan realized trade operations with 174 countries of the world; goods exported to 103 countries and imported from 168 countries.

Foreign trade turnover on January-September, 2016 made 15781.3 million USD taking into account value of statistically estimated exported crude oil and natural gas registered in the customs agencies but customs formalities of which not completed, including export value – 9579.8 million USD, import value - 6201,5 million USD and positive trade balance reached to 3378.3 million USD. 38.3 % of trade turnover was the share of EU countries, 12.1% - CIS member countries and 49.6% other countries.

In total value of exported goods the share of crude oil, oil products, natural gas, fruits and vegetables, plastics, ferrous metals and items, aluminum and aluminum products, sugar, chemical products, cotton yarn and vegetable, in total value of imported goods the share of machines, mechanisms, electric apparatus, equipment, ferrous metal items, food products, transport means and spare parts, plastics and plastic products, pharmaceutics products prevailed.

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