Statistical publication “Environment, Forestry, Fishery and Hunting in Azerbaijan” was published16.09.2014
The statistical collection contains data reflecting environment, forestry, fishery and hunting in the Republic of Azerbaijan. The yearbook includes data on demographic situation, healthcare of population, land resources, forest stocks and their protection, state nature preserves, fishing, reproduction and protection of commercially important fishes, main economic indicators of hunting industry, of which hoofed, fur animals, poultry, use of water resources, protection of atmospheric air, availability of hazardous wastes, their generation, processing ...
Statistical publication “Industry of Azerbaijan” was published12.09.2014
The statistical publication contains key indicators on industry of the Republic of Azerbaijan. The yearbook includes statistical data on position of industry in the economy of country, the number of employees in industry and their average monthly wages, the volume of output, expenditures on the production of commodity, fixed assets, main indicators of industry by regions, output in kind and others main indicators.

Statistical publication “Main economic indicators of agricultural enterprises and private owner farms” was published12.09.2014
The statistical yearbook includes main economic indicators of agricultural enterprises of different organizational–legal form that are in agrarian sector and private owners. The yearbook reflects information on cost value and selling price as well as profitability of agricultural products, labor cost, structure of production expenditures, number of agricultural enterprises, average annual number of employees worked in these enterprises, value of fixed assets, and etc.

Statistical publication “Statistical Yearbook of Azerbaijan” was published11.09.2014
This publication is annual statistical issue of the State Statistical Committee of the Republic of Azerbaijan, which reflects social, economic, demographic and ecological events and processes of the country. The statistical indicators on social-economic situation of the Republic of Azerbaijan in 2013 are included taking into account 2005- 2012 comparisons. The yearbook covers information on development of business relations and economic forms, state finance and insurance, balance of payment, privatization of dwelling fund and tourism.
Statistical publication “Youth of Azerbaijan” was published08.09.2014
The statistical publication “Youth of Azerbaijan–2014” includes following sections: demographic indicators, healthcare, education and science, employment and unemployment, leisure, households consisting of young families, migration of youth and time use as well as crime. Data on distribution of youth by sex and age groups and by regions, ethnic groups by sex, reproduction and age-specific birth rates, morbidity of youth with neoplasm, sport equipment, medals earned by Azerbaijan sportsmen educational attainment of the population ...
Statistical publication “Labour Market” was published08.09.2014
The statistical yearbook reflects indicators characterizing labour market in the Republic of Azerbaijan. The statistical yearbook provides basic indicators about population and labour resources, number of employed population by kinds of economic activity, labour turnover, labour conditions, supply and demand in labour market, unemployment rate, wages and salaries, labour costs, professional training and other indicators of economically active population.

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