Statistical publication “Education, Science and Culture in Azerbaijan” was published29.08.2014
The statistical yearbook contains main indicators reflected development level of education, science, culture in the Republic of Azerbaijan. The publication includes information on preschool, out-of-school, general, primary vocational, secondary specialized and higher educational institutions, also PhD program, number of research institutions, number and composition of employees, volume of carried out research and development works, expenditures for research and development works, fixed assets used for research and development works, public libraries, clubs, museums, theatres ...
Statistical publication “Healthcare, Social Security and Housing Conditions in Azerbaijan” was published22.08.2014
The statistical collection contains main indicators reflecting health care, social security and housing condition of the Republic of Azerbaijan, as well as data on population size, birth, death and natural increase. Data on medical prophylaxis institutions, morbidity of population by disease groups and distribution of different diseases by localization as well as sanatoriums, boarding houses and rest homes, births, abortions, development of physical training and sport, general and primary disability, activity of boarding houses for elderly people and invalids, occupational injuries ...
Statistical publication “Energy of Azerbaijan” was published20.08.2014
“Energy of Azerbaijan” statistical collection contains national energy balance covering 2007-2013 and 2009-2013 years, balance of commodity of energy products and necessary data on energy statistics. Collection consist of 5 sections: 1st section is about - main indicators of activities of energy enterprises, energy capacity and etc., 2nd section – energy balance and distribution on sectors of balance, 3rd section commodity balances of energy products, 4th section consumption by types of economic activity of energy products ...
Training Course on 'Data Dissemination and Data Warehousing' in Azerbaijan19.08.2014
In accordance with its 2014 Annual Work Plan, SESRIC organised the Training Programme on ‘Data Dissemination and Data Warehousing’ at the State Statistical Committee (SSC) in Baku, Republic of Azerbaijan on 11-13 August 2014, within the framework of the Statistical Capacity Building (StatCaB) Programme. The Course was provided by Mrs. Medine Akyıldız, Statistics Expert at Turkish Statistical Institute (TURKSTAT) with participation ...
Statistical publication “Children in Azerbaijan” was published04.08.2014
Annual statistical yearbook named “Children in Azerbaijan” includes key indicators on change in the number of children in the country, as well as, socio-demographic processes in 2013 in comparison with previous year. The statistical publication includes following sections: demographic indicators, education, living conditions of the population, medical and preventive services, social security, morbidity and mortality, crime, and data economic and administrative towns and regions. The publication mainly covers age groups on 1990, 1995-2013 ...